Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kitchen Cabinet Make Over

I have 2 new projects in the works... One, I am trying to choose a color to paint my livingroom. I got a can of paint last night and rolled it on a sample wall this morning -- oof da! Definitely not the right color. I was going for a tomato-y orange/red, and ended up too red. I think I can take it back to the paint department and have them tweak it to use on my second project: a kitchen cabinet re-work:

Sorry, I know that picture is kind of small -- if you double click it, you can see it better.

It's the red cubbies that I like. Well, I like a LOT of things in the photo but it's the red cabinets that I am actually going to try to do in my kitchen. It seems fairly easy and inexpensive: remove the doors, remove the facing, and then add some vertical boards to create cubbies, and paint.

Worst case scenario, I feel like I don't have much to lose. I think the cabinets are original and they are really unattractive both in design and paint color. So if I fail miserably, I either put the doors back on, or I take everything down and mount some simple shelving. Ultimately I want open cabinets for my upper cabinets.


Sara said...

The only thing about cubbies is that you have to dust them and whatever you keep in there ...

Project Girl said...

I know... it's a risk I am willing to take, though. My lower cabinets will still have doors, too, because of the dog, etc.