Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let's Talk about Mixing Soils

Let's just say... the first year you "really" garden somewhere that you plan to be permanently gardening... it's a lot of work. Work I am willing to do -- don't get me wrong -- but whew! A wee bit more work than I had really intended. As with most projects, it's been a learning experience.

Last night I combined the 5 secret* ingredients for my garden boxes. I started out dumping the 5 of the 7 bags intended for one box onto a blue tarp; I still had 2 bags of compost that were supposed to go in too -- but eeka I already had quite a heap going. Well, the blue tarp tore, and... follow? Okay, so for the next three boxes I mixed the soil in batches in the wheelbarrow! (My very fun, very happy tangerine orange wheelbarrow, thankyouverymuch!) That method worked much better.

And as it turns out, I couldn't make all 7 bags fit into each box; I got all but 1+ bags of compost in there though. And so now I have a lot of compost left for my other beds, which is fine.

I also put down the weed stop fabric on the paths (ran out, need to get another roll.) I haven't decided what the path material will be yet. But that isn't urgent.

Next step is to mark the 12" grids and plant! I hope to do that Thursday night. Yahoo!!

* Not so secret:
1.5 bags Living Earth Organic Compost
1 bag Living Earth Soil Blends
1 bag Living Earth Top Soil with Compost
1 bag Soil Mender Soil Mixsoil
1 bag Back to Earth Composted Cattle Manure (shant think about that too much)
1/4 bag Redenta's Organic Bed Prep

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