Monday, January 18, 2010

An awful lot of fluttering going on...

You may recall the "Living with Wildlife" entry where I had sparrows behind the sheetrock in my livingroom over July 4th weekend. The Bird Man had told me not to worry about additional/new birds making their home there, because the family of sparrows who was living there had marked the entrance as theirs with their body oils. (He really did have some very interesting little known facts...)

Well, the oils must have expired (and not expired as in "shuffled-off-their-mortal-coils type of expiration -- more "your-lease-has-expired" type of expiration, because Tom noticed new sparrows been a little too keen on that area of the exterior of the house. That was over a week ago. We had talked about plugging that hole months ago, but... well, you know how that goes. I had even purchased the recommended steel wool and clear caulk... but somehow the ladder never came out of the shed.

So now it's done! We'll pay attention to the sparrows there in the coming days, and I will check the area again in a month or so to make sure the steel wool hasn't come out; I opted not to use the caulk -- only the steel wool. I did a few other under the eaves areas... and frankly could have gotten quite carried away... it was oddly gratifying. Unfortunately I didn't have a week to spare, up on a ladder with a tool belt full of steel wool and tools to poke it into holes with. And I don't think Tom could have handled me watching me tear steel wool apart for a week -- it has that "fingernails-on-a-chalkboard" affect on him. Ayeee!

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